We are a team of experienced experts in the field of construction who have decided to use their knowledge and passion to create modern and eco-friendly modular homes.

Thanks to our innovative solutions, we can help developers create recreational areas for the entire community, as well as use modules for gyms, children’s playrooms, cafes, and small food venues.

We operate with the future in mind and want to contribute to improving the quality of people's lives. That's why our solutions are unique and unparalleled, yet accessible to anyone who dreams of owning their own home.

Environmental protection

At Amazing House, we believe in values such as innovation, ecology, and energy efficiency. Our modular homes are not only aesthetic and functional but also environmentally friendly.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy a modern and eco-friendly modular home that can be placed on any plot without obtaining permits.

Our houses are characterized by a fast construction time, no need for permits, and unique technological solutions, making them ideal for people who dream of owning their own home but face limitations in traditional construction.
We are here for you
If you want to talk about your project or learn more about our modular homes, we are always ready for a conversation!

Modular house
available immediately

Dimensions: 9m x 3.6m
Area: 34.2 m²

Price: 179 999 PLN netto

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