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We offer a wide range of modular solutions that allow you to create your dream home, commercial building or recreational facility. Configure your project with us to get solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. See how easily and quickly you can make your dreams come true!

Functional minimalism

Modular construction allows for easy assembly and customization to individual requirements. Our modular homes are not only an excellent combination of functionality and aesthetics but also an innovative design that provides easy installation and customization to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Modular construction is an innovative approach to building that enables a quick and efficient creation of your dream home or commercial building.

With the use of our many years of experience and high-quality materials, we can design a space for you and your family that will meet all your needs and expectations.

Our approach

We offer our customers the highest quality products and services. With our experience and commitment to each project, we provide comprehensive solutions. Our company provides customers with the assurance that their requirements will be met in a professional and satisfactory manner.
Modular homes are characterized by higher energy efficiency and lower material consumption compared to traditional construction methods, which contributes to reducing the negative impact on the environment.
Modular homes are also cost-effective as their prefabrication in factories allows for the optimization of production costs and shortened construction time, resulting in lower overall investment costs.
By using advanced thermal insulation options, special windows and doors, modular homes are also energy-efficient, allowing for significant reductions in heating and cooling costs.
Modular homes are innovative due to their modular structure, which allows for easy and fast construction without the use of traditional methods. They are also innovative in terms of their unique designs.

Moduł Rekreacyjny XS

Moduł Mieszkalny L

Moduł Mieszkalny L

Moduł Mieszkalny S

We offer a comprehensive approach to designing and building modular homes and buildings, based on the latest technologies, to provide our clients with solutions that meet their requirements and expectations.

Modular homes are the perfect solution for those who appreciate modern and functional construction. Whether you need a vacation home, an office, or a place to live, modular homes provide a quick and convenient way to obtain the necessary space while also allowing for significant savings compared to traditional building methods.

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Take a look how our modular solutions can meet your needs.

Questions and answers
According to the building law regulations, in most cases, it is necessary to obtain a building permit before starting construction work. An exception is, among others, pre-made modular homes with an area of up to 70 m2, which can be built without obtaining a permit. However, it is important to remember that in such a case, the required distances from the plot’s borders and other buildings must be maintained.
Before starting construction work, it is necessary to submit an investment notification to the local municipality office. The notification should include, among others, a building project, a map for project purposes, a declaration of the building’s intended use for residential purposes, as well as a statement about the lack of obstacles, such as lease agreements, land registry extracts, etc. Before commencing construction work, it is also necessary to carry out a geodetic survey of the building on the plot.

Modular house
available immediately

Dimensions: 9m x 3.6m
Area: 34.2 m²

Price: 179 999 PLN netto

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